Improve Your Socials Worksheets

Improve Your Socials Worksheets

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So you know you need a social media presence, but maybe you're a little unsure of why. Are you feeling a little lost trying to do business on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn? Have you struggled to get likes, followers or connections?

Perhaps you know some of the benefits, but just aren't sure how to actually get results.

In this package, we'll be showing you a few practical ways for you to improve your social media presence to build a better brand and increase connections and leads. 

We're sharing our very own worksheets that are designed to specifically focus on problem areas for small business owners and show you the ways you can make social media work for you.

  • Build a better brand
  • Create greater connections
  • Earn the trust of your audience
  • Encourage engagement
  • Nurture your customers


  • Introducing User Personas
  • Methods and Metrics
  • VSBN Social Media Profile Checklist
  • VSBN Brand Guidelines for Small Business

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