Introduction to Buying Personas eBook

Introducing User Personas


"Underestimated, overlooked yet ultimately, invaluable. User Personas are absolutely critical to an effective marketing campaign. How do you know what to say and how to say it if you don’t even know who you’re talking to?"

Rhiannon Mason has been providing Content Marketing services to small businesses for over a decade and has filled this eBook with everythingyou need to build a solid foundation for your marketing campaigns in the form of User Personas.

Successful marketing campaigns are all about turning your User Personas into Paying Customers, no matter what industry or type of business you are operating.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • What exactly User Personas are.
  • Why they are important.
  • Where to find information
  • How to develop them
  • And how you can leverage this information to get the best possible results from your campaigns.

It also includes an example Persona and DIY worksheet so you can get your persona working for your business right away.

Don’t waste any more time guessing. Learn who your audience really is and how to talk directly to them.

Get it done and get it done right with this simple and effective guide now selling for only $29.

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