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We are working hard building a great platform for business to network and collaborate with each other. A business directory with Victorian based business is on it's way!

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We work with many Victorian Small Businesses and we always recommend VentraIP. Not only are they an Australian company but their servers are BASED IN MELBOURNE! 

I have not found any better support and service than VentraIP. For this reason, we recommend VentraIP for Domain Names and Hosting. For more information visit VentraIP.

Connectjen Jenny Lindsay
Jenny Lindsay

I enjoy working with clients who share my energy and commitment for generating social change ...

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Shantanu Biswas - PagePotato
Shantanu Biswas

Every business has a story of its own and key USPs of how it is different from the rest. I love presenting their story ...

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Nathan Morrow - Snaffle
Andre Conate

I'm a website designer and SEO junkie based in the West. I  love socialising and learning about people...

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Andre Conate - Abante Group
Jane B Taylor

I am a passionate advocate for realising our strengths to live a more fulfilling life and using positive leadership ...

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