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07-06-2022 10:00 am -12:00 pm

Grow Your Network - LIVE FACE TO FACE

Meet other business owners, talk about your business and learn practical ways to expand your network.

Enjoy a delicious brunch with VSBN, hosted by the Melbourne Innovation Centre. You'll walk away from this meet with lasting connections and a network that you can grow with.

Location: Greensborough, Victoria

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We are working hard building a great platform for business to network and collaborate with each other. A business directory with Victorian based business is on it's way!

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Member of the month

Paul Harrison SEO
Paul Harrison
While Paul is a Digital Marketer and Strategist by trade, he is cut from a different cloth to many. Paul is an SEO superstar and his work ethic, values and experience that sets him apart from many in the Digital Marketing Industry. If you were looking to call someone who cares - well you would be calling him. 
In conversation you only have to ask him if google reviews really make a difference to a business. His eyes light up and his tone changes to that of real passion when he talks about what customer service means to small business and how he has helped so many change their trajectory turning their weakness into a strength. 

Julia Chau

 With the power of design and an ethical outlook, we create beautiful and purposeful design for great businesses, great organisations and great causes ...

Jenny Lindsay

I can help discover opportunities to connect to your ideal audience. Together we can create content your people want to read, attract new leads to your business, and nurture the clients you want to support and serve better ...

Rhiannon Mason

She specialises in helping businesses establish an online presence and develop effective marketing strategies within their budget ...

Andre Conate

I'm a website developer, mum and martial artist based in the West. I  love socialising and learning about people so I can help them connect with the right people ...

» It's about connection, progress and the entrepreneur spirit «

VSBN is about giving you the network to get things done!

In the ideal world, if you need it, you should be able to source it. VSBN is the connection from thought to action.

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