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You'll get to meet other business owners, talk about your business and learn practical ways to expand your network online.

You'll walk away from this meet with lasting connections and tips and tools for growing your network that you can use immediately.

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We are working hard to build an excellent platform for businesses to network and collaborate. Join now to get fantastic member benefits. A business directory with Victorian-based businesses is here. You have to be a registered member to fill in your profile.

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Business Coach, Lisa G, The Business ChickBusiness Coach, Lisa G, The Business Chick
Lisa Guglielmino
Lisa G, affectionately known as The Business Chick, is not just an entrepreneur; she's a dynamic force in the business world, inspiring transformation and innovation with her unique blend of insight, passion, and strategic prowess. Lisa's approach to business is synonymous with innovation. Her ability to breathe life into ideas and chart unexplored territories has earned her the reputation of a visionary catalyst.

» It's about connection, progress and the entrepreneur spirit «

VSBN is about giving you the network to get things done!

In the ideal world, if you need it, you should be able to source it. VSBN is the connection from thought to action.

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